Lindsay Park Yacht Club

P.O. Box 3484
Davenport, Iowa 52808
ClubHouse/Restaurant: 563-324-1317 / Marina: 563-324-0370


  1. A written request must be submitted to the Board of Directors no later than 31 October, in order to be considered for a move the following year. Requests submitted during the boating season are not in effect until the next year.
  2. A move request is valid from year to year once it is submitted, until it is satisfied. That is to say, a new request does not need to be submitted each year.
  3. No move will be considered unless the individual’s slip fees are paid in full.
  4. An individual can turn down a move offer once without having to resubmit a request. A second decline, for whatever reason, voids the current request.
  5. Once a move request is honored, it is considered satisfied and removed from the list. There are no perpetual requests; a new request must be submitted after each move.
  6. Moves are granted based on in-water seniority, with the most senior being offered first.
  7. A sublet slip does not count toward in water seniority.
  8. As stated in the LPYC By Laws and Marina Rules, the Board of Directors reserves the right to assign boat slips in the most efficient manner for utilization of the Harbor facilities.