Lindsay Park Yacht Club – Mission Statement

Lindsay Park Yacht Club strives to be the best quality Marina in the Midwest by providing the finest facilities and professional, courteous service to our membership and customers.

Regulations Governing Use of the Marina

1. Slip is assigned by Lindsay Park Yacht Club, Inc. (“Marina”) to Lessee for Lessee’s vessel’s use only. However, the Marina reserves the right to assign the slip to other users in the absence of the Lessee’s vessel and will retain all fees received. Private transactions or slip arrangments are not allowed and must be delegated to the Board of Directors. This lease is non-transferable and non-assignable. One vessel only may be stored in each slip. Vessel must be moored in the slip assigned to it. Vessel orientation in the slip shall be bow-in, unless the slip has been approved for stern-in mooring. The Lessee is liable for any charge incurred for having to move a vessel to its assigned slip. Dinghies & PWCs must be raised out of water. Neither the vessel nor its equipment may unreasonably extend beyond the waterway end of the slip or protrude over the main walkway. Storage of private property is not allowed on walkways or finger piers except in approved dock boxes. Lessee agrees to remove vessel from harbor on or before November 15th.

2. This Agreement is for the use of slip and dock space only and such space is to be used at the sole risk of Lessee. The Marina shall not be liable for the care or protection of the vessel (“vessel” includes gear, equipment, attachments and vessel contents) or for any loss or damage of whatever kind or nature to the vessel, her contents, gear or equipment whether due to negligence of the Marina or otherwise. LESSEE AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE MARINA AGAINST ANY LOSS, COST, SUIT, CLAIM OR DAMAGE CAUSED BY OR ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE LESSEE.

3. All contractors or workers performing work on Lessee’s vessel must have (and be prepared to show to Marina representatives) proof of insurance and perform their work in an area to be assigned by Marina suitable in which to perform their work.

4. Marina shall have a lien against the above described vessel, her appurtenances and contents for rent or unpaid sums due for the use of dock facilities or other services, or for damage caused or contributed to by the above described vessel or by Lessee to any docks, property of Marina, or any other person or vessel.

5. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Lessee must insure the vessel and personal property at all times in a suitable amount and against all hazards and casualties and make Lessee’s insurance Company aware of the terms and conditions of this lease. Lessee agrees to provide a certificate of insurance satisfactory to Marina showing liability coverage in effect for a minimum amount of $300,000.00 during the lease term. Slip assignments will be made only after proof of insurance is given to Marina. 

6 Dock attendants are permitted to perform only those activities as directed by the Harbormaster.

7. The Marina reserves the right to limit and govern parking space in Marina parking lot. BOAT TRAILERS, CAMPERS, AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED.

8. All vessels leaving their slips are privileged vessels and have the right-of-way. Conversely, vessels returning to their slips are the burdened vessels. All vessels leaving the harbor shall proceed UPSTREAM until well out in the main channel. All vessels entering the harbor shall approach from DOWNSTREAM and should place their vessels below the harbor entrance while they are well out in the channel. The entire harbor is a NO WAKE ZONE.

9. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Lessee and Lessee’s guests shall use discretion in operating engines, generators, radios and television sets, equipment and tools, so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. All boaters shall conduct themselves so as not to unreasonably annoy, bother, or interfere with the rights and privileges of others. Boaters are also responsible for the conduct and behavior of their guests.

10. Pets, when off the boat, shall be leashed within the confines of the Marina and toileted in designated areas only. Lessee is responsible for immediate cleaning of docks, etc. in the event of an accident. Pets permitted only if they do not disturb other guests and they are not permitted in restrooms or showers.

11. No hazardous materials (including fuel, oil, filters, and batteries) shall be permitted on docks, poured or discharged on the water, put in the dumpster/garbage cans or left in the common area. The Marina no longer accepts any used oils, greases or any other hazardous materials whatsoever – These type of materials must be discarded by the lessee. Private vessel fueling is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed.

12. Attachments (including, but ot limited to satellite dishes, sun shades, fans, lights or signs) to Marina property [including, but not limited to: dock, pier, roof, roof support, walkway and fence] are prohibited unless specifically approved in writing by the marina.

13. Electricity for slips that is individually metered shall be coordinated by Marina, with payment for the service the sole responsibility of Lessee. Power cords must not be allowed to contact the water, and should be de-energized from the source when the slip is unoccupied. Marina must approve all electrical power pedestal alterations, and the cost of such alterations and the cost to return the power pedestal to its original condition shall be the burden of Lessee. All electrical services shall be de-energized on November 1 of each year.

14. No open flame or charcoal cooking is allowed on the vessel while in the moor or on the docks. The area bordering the concrete sidewalk is available for charcoaling in suitable grills.

15. All non-Marina boaters must register at the gas dock before entering Marina. NO SWIMMING is permitted in the Marina or off the breakwater. All gates shall be kept closed to help ensure security. Gates must be locked from dusk to dawn.

16. No firearms or fireworks shall be displayed or discharged in the harbor.

17. All trash will be kept in containers and placed by the boater in the trash containers provided at the dock approaches. No discarded oil or hazardous materials are to be placed in trash containers. Laundry shall not be hung on vessels, docks or piers in the Marina. No dumping of porta-potties in restroom or shower facilities. No discharging of sewage into the harbor.

18. All corner wheels and other pier improvements must be approved in writing and installed/removed according to instructions of the Marina. Corner wheels are lessee’s property and responsibility for installation and removal.

19. All vessels must be in seaworthy condition during the term of this agreement. The Harbormaster is authorized, in the Harbormaster’s sole discretion, to declare a vessel unseaworthy or not being maintained to reasonable standards, and to direct the Lessee to remove such vessel from the Marina within thirty (30) days or correct the deficiencies, failing which the Marina may remove the vessel (including directing a contractor to remove the vessel and place it on land) all at Lessee’s expense. Lessee authorizes the Marina to pump out vessels which appear to be in danger of sinking and agree to pay for any services rendered or supplied. Marina does not, however, have any duty or obligation to render aid to a vessel or inspect vessels to determine if the vessel is seaworthy, such responsibility being and remaining that of the Lessee.

20. This lease can be cancelled by the Marina for acts of theft, disruptive behavior, non-payment of account, or carelessness causing damage to property and any other objectionable conduct. Lessee agrees to comply with all rules and regulations set forth herein, as such may be amended from time to time by the Marina, and should breach of this Agreement or violation of rules and regulations occur, this lease agreement shall terminate immediately, and the Marina may remove the vessel from her mooring (including directing a contractor to remove the vessel and place it on land) all at Lessee’s expense.

21. The slip assignment rules are as follows, subject to modification and interpretation by Marina:

  • Lessee shall have the first right to renew the slip assignment for Lessee’s vessel for the following year. Neither Lessee nor Lessee’s agents or brokers shall have any right to sublease slip. In the event Lessee’s vessel is sold, Lessee must inform the Marina in writing within seven (7) days of the sale that the sale has occurred and advise Marina whether or not Lessee has an intention to secure a replacement vessel which would utilize the same slip. Lessee’s buyer shall remove the sold vessel from Lessee’s slip within seven (7) days of the sale.
  • If Lessee has no definite intention of securing a replacement vessel which would utilize the same slip, then the slip shall be deemed an “Open Slip”, and Lessee has no right to assign, sub-lease, transfer, convey or in any manner deal with the slip for the remainder of the current year, and shall not have renewal rights for the following year. The Marina may re-lease an Open Slip. The Lessee shall not be entitled to a refund, however Marina may refund to Lessee new rent received up to the amount paid by Lessee.
  • If Lessee has timely provided Marina with a written notice of intent to secure a replacement vessel, then Lessee retains the right to the slip (subject to Marina’s right to use the slip for transient slip rental) for the remainder of the year. Lessee shall notify Marina as soon as purchasing a replacement vessel, and if such notice is not received by Marina by February 15th of the following year then, without further notice to Lessee, the slip shall be declared an Open Slip and Lessee shall thereafter have no further rights to such slip. If Lessee’s replacement vessel can occupy the same slip, then Lessee’s rights to the slip shall continue as if no change in vessels had been made.
  • If Lessee obtains a replacement vessel that requires a larger slip, then Lessee’s right to the existing slip shall be deemed terminated and the slip shall be declared an Open Slip. The assignment of a slip for the replacement vessel shall occur on the same rules and priorities as any person desiring a slip. If the Lessee obtains a replacement vessel that would normally be assigned to a smaller slip, the Lessee may nevertheless retain rights to the existing slip, provided that the Marina may, but need not, reassign the vessel to a smaller slip as availability of a smaller slip becomes available, with a pro-rata adjustment in slip fees.

22. Payments of slip rent constitutes acceptance of all the terms, conditions, and rules of this lease.

PLEASE NOTE: For your lease to become in effect, this contract must be signed and returned, along with proof of Insurance and your full slip fee payment. Missed deadlines will result in loss of slip & pier assignment. Payments postmarked after February 15th of the boating calendar year will be assessed a late fee of $100.00. The Lindsay Park Yacht Club Board of Directors reserves the right to add to or amend the Rules and Regulations of the Marina by posting them in the Marina Office, on the website, and notifying by mail.







Vessel LOA & Slip Policy – December 2007

Slip Modifications

  • Please note that absolutely no modifications or attachments (walkways, signs, satellite dishes, etc) may be made to a slip or pier without written authorization from LPYC’s Board of Directors.

LOA Measurement

  • A vessel’s length shall be measured by a plumb line that begins at the farthest protruding point of the vessel’s bow or attachments to the vessel as it is maintained in the slip and ends at the farthest protruding point of the vessel’s stern or attachments to the vessel as it is maintained in the slip. (See pictures)
  • If an anchor, stanchions, I/O units, swim platforms, RIBs, lifts or the like protrudes out past the hull, then the plumb line shall be from the farthest protruding point.
  • If anchor, stanchions or the like protrudes out past the hull, but is at least over 7’ vertical clearance from Dock Walkway, then allowance is made for additional 2’ overhang.
  • Dinghies, davits, swim platforms, lifts and other items can not be added to a vessel unless the vessel as modified continues to be in compliance with these rules.
  • Vessel owners are eligible to be placed on the wait list for a larger slip upon submission of a letter to the Board containing a positive commitment of the need for a specified size larger slip as a result of either a larger vessel being purchased or attachments to be incorporated to their current vessel that would require a larger slip.
  • Vessels and their attachments as configured and existing as of September 15, 2007 are grandfathered in to their existing slip. If a slip move is sought by a grandfathered vessel owner the vessel must comply with the then-current Vessel LOA and Slip Policy.
  • Slips may be reassigned by the Board to facilitate the best fit and use of all slips.
  • The Slip Committee may grant variances to this policy if such are determined by the Board to be in the best interests of the Club, and this policy is subject to revision at any time by the Board.

In-Water Vessels

· V Pier Slips

o Bow in first moorage.

§ For electrified slips, bow cannot protrude beyond Electrical panel box measured perpendicular to the slip.

§ For non-electrified slips, the bow cannot protrude beyond the slip side of the first running board comprising the center aisle.

§ Stern can not protrude more than the following feet off the end of the slip:

· “A” slip = 3’

· “B” slip = 3’

· “C” slip = 4’

· “D” slip = 4’

· “E” slip = 5’

o Approved stern in first slips moorage.

§ Stern cannot protrude beyond Electrical panel box measured perpendicular to the slip.

§ Bow point can not protrude more than the following feet off the end of the slip:

· “A” slip = 3’

· “B” slip = 3’

· “C” slip = 4’

· “D” slip = 4’

· “E” slip = 5’

· Squared slips

o Bow in first moorage.

§ Bow cannot protrude beyond electrical panel box measured perpendicular to the slip

§ Stern can not protrude more than the following feet off the end of the slip:

· “A” slip = 3’

· “B” slip = 3’

· “C” slip = 4’

· “D” slip = 4’

· “E” slip = 5’

o Stern in moorage.

§ Stern cannot protrude beyond electrical panel box measured perpendicular to the slip.

§ Bow can not protrude more than the following feet off the end of the slip:

· “A” slip = 3’

· “B” slip = 3’

· “C” slip = 4’

· “D” slip = 4’

· “E” slip = 5’

· Pier Ends and Long Docks

o LOA measurement must be within Lease listed length.

Wall & Barn Boats

The LOA measurement described above is method used to determine the vessel LOA for Lease purposes.
Maximum weight is 2800 pounds as determined by factory specifications, together with any additions or modifications to the vessel exceeding 100 pounds and not considered in the factory specifications. For example, trolling motors, aftermarket hardtop or T-Top, larger engine repower, etc.


P. O BOX 3484


Pictures used for defining the above requirements