Marina Del Rey Yacht Club, California. One of nearly 800 participating member clubs of the Yachting Club of America!

The Process of Reciprocity:

Yacht Club Reciprocity is defined as “A network of Yacht Clubs in agreement for the mutual exchange of privileges within that specific group of clubs.” The Yachting Club of America has reciprocal privilege agreements with nearly 800 Yacht Clubs throughout the United States.

Although the extent of privileges may vary slightly, generally, an YCA yachtsman can expect to be allowed to use all of the welcoming clubs’ available facilities and services, including short term berthing, meal and bar service, heads and showers, etc.

Typically, a yachtsman can stop at a Yacht Club along his trip, and if the club visited is a YCA member, they are granted access.

All member clubs generally grant access to the bar and restaurant area as well as short term berthing, heads and showers, but depending on the club size and stature, various reciprocal rights are granted depending on the club's policy.

It is always prudent to call ahead to let them know you’re coming as well as to determine what services are available.