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Members only restaurant, full service lounge, discounted fuel, Club sponsored events, private parties and much more!

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A LPYC membership doesn't just mean access to Lindsay Park, but also all 700+ Yacht Clubs affiliated with Yachting Club of America Register!

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Since 1993

Lindsay Park Yacht Club

...established in 1887, is one of the oldest yacht clubs on the Mississippi River.

Located in the Quad Cities near mile marker 484 RDB, it is considered one of the finest facilities on the Upper Mississippi River.

Located in the heart of the metropolitan Quad Cities area, LPYC is a vibrant boating community and a natural destination for traveling boaters. It's rich heritage and first-class facilities welcome all who wish to make it their home for recreational boating.

With its caring and professional staff, the members of Lindsay Park Yacht Club welcome you to explore our Web site, visit our facilities, and share the beauty of the Mississippi River with people who love boating as much as you do!


We are always looking to grow our membership and while we have many members who own a yacht or boat, it is not a requirement to be a member.  We have various members who enjoy the yacht club environment and the benefits in general or have friends who are members and boat owners.

If you are interested in becoming a Lindsay Park Yacht Club member, we invite you to either tag along with a friend who is a current member or to stop by at one of our many events open to the public.

Upcoming Events...

Lindsay Park Yacht Club has a broad range of events going on throughout the year.  Check out our Event Calendar to see what's coming up!