Lindsay Park Yacht Club

P.O. Box 3484
Davenport, Iowa 52808
ClubHouse/Restaurant: 563-324-1317 / Marina: 563-324-0370


  1. As stated in the By Laws and Harbor Rules, all sublets are to be performed by the LPYC Board of Directors.
  2. This document does not supersede the LPYC By Laws or Harbor Rules. In the event of conflict or clarification, the By Laws and Rules take precedence.
  3. The intended purpose of slip sublets is to get new boaters into the Harbor and potentially establish a longer term residence.
  4. Non-current slip holders subletting slips must pay the negotiated fee, in full, prior to being granted use of the subject slip.
  5. A current slip holder who is subletting their slip may be reimbursed once the fee from the sublet individual is received, in accordance to the By Laws of Lindsay Park Marina.
  6. In the event a current slip holder wishes to sublet a different slip, they must pay a second slip fee in full (it may be prorated based on the time of year), before the sublet will be granted. They will be reimbursed if and when their current slip is sublet, should they choose to do so, in accordance to the By Laws of Lindsay Park Marina..
  7. In the event two or more current slip holders wish to sublet the same slip, the sublet will be granted based on in-water seniority.
  8. A sublet slip does not count toward in water seniority.
  9. As stated in the LPYC By Laws and Marina Rules, the Board of Directors reserves the right to assign boat slips in the most efficient manner for utilization of the Harbor facilities.