Req Date Name Curr Slip Req Slip Slip Size Notes
08-26-2023 03:45 PM Trenton McDonough 44 0 25ft (A)
07-12-2023 01:33 PM Carmen Laisner 87 95 30ft (B) Rumor has it the current slip lessee is selling his boat so if he does, we would like moved to this slip. Also, heard Kyle in slip 93 may be selling his, if he does, this would be a 2nd request for it. Thank you!
06-04-2021 12:12 PM Pat McClung 68 69 36ft (C) Wants Dan /Tully slip
02-21-2022 03:17 PM Brad Kirby 49 68 36ft (C) In the event Pat McClung moves to Dan Tully’s slip, we would like to move from our current slip to Pat’s.
07-11-2023 09:24 AM Robert Werthmann 58 0 40ft (D) Request a slip on up stream side of pier 6